Michigan Foodways
We are what we eat! For Michiganders this means pasties, muskrat dinners, coneys, fish fries, cherry pie, and much more. What makes these Michigan foods? After all there is nothing that all Michiganders and only they eat. Michigan foods are those of the many communities—ethnic, regional, local—that constitute the state.

In addition to having vendors who offer foods for sale, the festival often features demonstrations, discussions, and other programs that explore Michigan’s foodways – the entire complex of behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs associated with food, from cultivation to consumption.


Amist Concessions


Look for the booth that looks like a lemon!  Fresh squeezed lemonade and assorted cold beverages.

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Anishnabe Meejim

Native American Foods
Lansing, Michigan

Native American cookery consists of the oldest foods and the oldest cooking methods in North America—a food and cooking tradition based on things gathered from the ground, plants, and fresh and salt waters. Like the Native Americans themselves, their food and cooking have changed greatly since first contact with Europeans. Nonetheless, the Native foods that were once associated with ceremonial life remain so today. Certain things are still eaten in certain seasons only by certain people.

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Kathy’s Kettle Korn

Kettle & Caramel Korn

Enjoy fresh popped kettle & caramel corn from Kathy’s Kettle Korn.

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Melting Moments

Ice Cream
Lansing, Michigan

Over the last 32 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to crafting a selection of the most decadent, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth delights. Each of our treats is carefully assembled by hand and made with the freshest and finest ingredients. From our fruity sorbets to the classic ice cream cookie sandwich, all of our products seek to satisfy sweet cravings of all sorts with uncompromising quality.

Over time, our line of gourmet treats has accumulated a loyal following who see them as an iconic staple within their community.

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Pita Delight

Mediterranean Foods
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Food truck featuring chicken shawarma, gyros and other Middle Eastern & Greek favorites. Vegetarian and Gluten free options too!

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