Queer Traditions Summit

Participate in the inaugural Queer Traditions Summit (QTS), a two day event exploring queer folklife: the everyday culture, aesthetic expressions, and traditional arts of LGBTQIA+ people in Michigan, nationally, and internationally.

The QTS will include roundtable discussions, paper presentations, participatory workshops, performances, a film screening, and a keynote speaker. The QTS seeks proposals on any topic related to queer traditions, LGBTQIA+ folklife, or queerness and traditional arts. Please contact us if you’d like to present or be involved!

The QTS seeks to create and continue dialogues on queer folklife in Michigan by asking:
-In what culturally specific ways do queerness and traditional arts intersect?
-What are the ways that queerness and traditional arts have been juxtaposed as somehow mutually exclusive and what are the personal and material implications of this exclusion?
-How can queerness and tradition innovate and expand one another?
-How does queer identity inform traditional arts practice, both personally and within one’s community of practice?
If this identity intentionally does not inform traditional arts practice, why not?
How can the celebration of queer pasts help us envision and enact queer futures?
-What traditions, visible or invisible, exist already within queer communities and how (if at all) are they recognized outside of these communities?

Please contact us if you’d like to present or be involved: msum.mtap@gmail.com.

co-sponsored by:
Michigan Traditional Arts Program
Michigan State University Museum
Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs
MSU Residential College in the Arts and Humanities
Ziibiwing Center of Anishinabe Culture and Lifeways

produced in conjunction with the MSU Museum’s Great Lakes Folk Festival

For more information, download a PDF here: QTS CFP